6TH ARMY GROUP, GERMANY- The thrill that comes with sinking


         the first shot in the bulls-eye is shared among members of the 533rd Anti-Aircraft


         Battalion. While standing a recent “watch on the Rhine” in support of the U.S.


         Seventh Army in General Jacob L. Devers’ 6th Army Group, a section of one of the


         Battalions batteries fired a single round and bagged an ME-109.


                      Single-shot action is hardly routine for these ack-ack men.


          In numerous other engagements, their 40-mm. Bofors and multiple-mount 50 cal.


Machine-guns have poured a withering fire from deep-dug camouflaged emplacements at


enemy aircraft.


                      With organization streamlined to match the units mobility


and speed, the 533rd, commanded by Lt. Col. Claude A. Dance, Shreveport, La. Has


acted in various roles of anti-aircraft defense and anti-tank defense.


                     “Assignments have included protection of bridges and headquar-


ters and support of infantry and field artillery,” said Col. Dance “Accustomed


to fighting in forward areas, my men recently began protecting one bridge before


the engineers even built it.”


                       Activated in 1942 at Fort Bliss, Tex., the 533rd began


foreign services Feb. 28, 1943, landing at Casablanca. At Bizerte, gun crews


fought off as many as 100 attacking planes in four raids. The battalion spent


almost a year on Sardinia, protecting airfields and harbor installations, before


entering Southern France last November.


Members of this battalion include:


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